Atelier Lemaire Restauration et Conservation de Meubles Anciens

Secure Hanging Systems

We come to your home to securely hang and mount your paintings and furniture using a highly specialised secure hanging system.

Property Marking

Over the past few years, we’ve branched out into another, complementary line of work: property marking.  This is because, due to lack of evidence, only 2 to 5% of the 7000 items stolen every year are returned to their rightful owners (source: Assemblée Nationale, report N° 3533, Pierre Lequiller).

The two main causes for this are a lack of information (a detailed description of the item) and the absence of any certification of ownership.  In this context, markings on valuable property such as furniture and paintings offer genuine protection to your goods, and facilitate their return if stolen.

We work with a team of scientists and academics who have perfected a form of long-lasting identification which can be paired with proof of ownership.

This property marking offers several different benefits:

  • it is impossible to forge,
  • it is not altered or damaged over time,
  • it is unique, ensuring that it can be returned to its rightful owner
  • it can be visible, to dissuade thieves,
  • or invisible for discreet security.

To achieve this, the marking system includes:

  • a visible, coded label (optional),
  • invisible ink, which can be read using specialist equipment
  • a mixture of crystals with unique physical-chemical properties embedded into the material,
  • an implanted electronic element, associated with a unique identification n° using RFID technology.

We can install this system in your home or in our workshop during the restoration process.  Please contact us for our pricing policy.